ST Engineering Project.

  • March 29 2022

ST Engineering Project

About Project: ST Engineering specialises in manufacturing food and beverage machinery with new technology . The company has a comprehensive portfolio of beverage filling equipment and food technology machinery. In addition they only use the highest quality parts and the latest assembly techniques to ensure the reliability and log life of the machines. The result is a business that has served the Thai industry for over 30 years.

Project Brief: Currently in Thailand, the number of start up businesses is growing. The client wanted to re-brand to connect with a new audience, set the company apart from the competitors, stay current, reflect new goals, upscale, emphasise brand value and sell internationally.

Concept & Design:
Logo Design: Show off the brand’s personality by using a typeface that the reader can easily understand. There is only one colour, it’s in all-caps, and the font itself isn’t overly exciting but unique and exotic. The character feature “ST” makes the logo stand out, remain unique, and signifies quality of machinery.

Font: We used chrome and black to present the brand’s character, to highlight that it’s a premium brand. We chose chrome in particular as that is the colour of the machinery.

Marketing: Build brand awareness, spread awareness of the brand to the target market and engage with them to attract new customers.

1. Research and analysis of brand, product and competitors, including a SWOT analysis of Thai market share and export opportunities.
2. Set up the communications channels such as Facebook, Line@ and Instagram with where the customers are, the brand will appear.
3. Social media management and content planning following the latest trends.
4. Advertising operation to achieve the audience target.
5. Follow the business growth pattern and social media analysis to provide a real time solution to build brand awareness and drive sales.

  • 1.Branding: Logo design.
  • 2.Product: Photography.
  • 3.Video presentation as the company profile.
  • 4.Marketing: Marketing plan and strategy over 3 months.
  • 5.Marketing tools: Name card, Brochure, Logo stamp, letter header and signage.
  • 6.Social media management: Content planning, graphic design (single post & album post), Instagram and official Line@ channel.
  • 7.Advertising on Facebook and Instagram.
  • 8.Monthly report: Performance reports, results analysis and marketing planning for the next move.