Varasiri – Real Estate Project.

Varasiri - Real Estate Project

About Project: Varasiri launched a project to develop modern single houses with a starting price of 3 million THB. The project, presented as a ``Private and Modern Living`` consisting of a 2 unit space in a single house located in Bangkok, targeting the younger generations.

Project Brief: Varasiri is a new brand in the real estate industry so it is not yet widely known. The brand wants to build an image of a premium brand, gain trust and become more widely known to the target market and engage with them on social media platforms.

Marketing: Foster brand awareness in the target market in order to form new relationships and make a greater number of online sales by providing marketing tools including social media content, video content, and a website to communicate with prospective customers.
1. Research and analysis of brand competitors, including a SWOT analysis of Thai market share and export opportunities.
2. Set up the communications channels such as Facebook, Line@ and Instagram with where the customers are, the brand will appear.
3. Social media management and content planning following the latest trends.
4. Advertising operation to achieve the audience target.
5. Follow the business growth pattern and social media analysis to provide a real time solution to build brand awareness and drive sales.
6. Provide a website:
Reach - Automatically display ads based on visitor’s past engagement, sends them ads, and gets them acquainted with the brand.
Convert: Key factors involved in turning potential customers into consumers
1. Web design - Create an outstanding and reliable website to persuade prospective customers to contact and acquire products. The website presents the brand’s story, brand value and product details.
2. Set up multi-channel communication channels in order to guide prospective customers and add them to leads.
Retain - Stay in touch with the current customers and create customers loyalty with
1. CRM - Customer Relationship Management
2. Insights - Analyse data collected from ad campaigns and keyword based ads to provide insight into customer behaviour and help identify suitable strategies to improve customer retention.
7. Create website content, a blog and product detail for each product.
8. Provide a call to action widget which offers social media links such as Facebook Messenger and Line@
9. Google ads operation during sales campaigns.
10. Monthly report which includes traffic, data analysis from ad campaigns and keywords to provide insight into customers and help identify suitable strategies to improve customer retention.

  • 1.Social media management.
  • 2.Content planning.
  • 3.Graphic design and video presentation.
  • 4.Website : Landing page.
  • 5.Administration and customer service.