Project : The Fire Dragon Sushi (Mongkorn Sushi).

Project : The Fire Dragon Sushi (Mongkorn Sushi)

Project Brief: In the year 2019, two friends decided to start their own business from a shared interest. We were tasked with supporting all digital marketing and offline marketing. The brand was named “Mongkorn Sushi” (the fire dragon sushi). They provide fresh sushi which is made to order for delivery to your home.

Design Brief: The client requested a blue dragon with the Fuji mountain as a background. The dragon represents the year the client's wife was born (year of the dragon) and Fuji mountain is a meaning of the client's name to represent himself. In addition, they needed a phone number and Facebook identity in the logo for the customers to contact them easily.

Colour: The main colour is blue, according to their feng shui which is a lucky colour for their business. We found this deduction very interesting.
Marketing: After our briefing, we started with a SWOT analysis together with the client. We found the business’ strengths and weaknesses. The strength of our client is that they can provide a quality of sushi unmatched by their competitors at this price point. Not only this, but the sushi is made to order for the customer, fresh and ready to deliver to the customer daily. The weakness is that they are a new brand of sushi in Thailand. We designed a road map for the business to their success, which starts from:

1. Branding, brainstorming and experimentation. All are key to building brand image. Communications channels such as Facebook, Line@ and Instagram are also set up. As we are developing these concepts, we are concerned with what the business stands for and the values that drive it.
2. After we have completed the logo, branding and social media channels, we focus on online marketing. We create campaigns, content and do graphic design for every social media platform.
3. Achieve clients sales targets by creating promotions and advertise directly to the target market.
4. We visit and design the clients retail store to attract customers. This gives us an opportunity to meet the new customer and let them taste and try the clients products.
5. We use CRM marketing strategy by Line@ and Facebook Channels

Project Detail