Pick Vintage : Luxury Furniture Project.

  • March 29 2022

About Project: Pick Vintage is a Luxury Furniture brand. Pick Vintage’s spirit is to deliver the best quality furniture and decorations perfect for a luxury living area.

Re-Branding Concept: Logo redesign was the starting point to reassert the brand's identity. What they required was more clarity and emphasis on the lifestyle of Living Luxury through furniture that is classic and elegant.

Creative and Design

Logo Design: For the logo we chose the Monogram font initially, after picking the letters “P” and “V” from the brand name and mixing them together using a Baroque art technique - a beautiful and unique pattern that can represent the brand's spirit. We present the logo “PV” with the gold colour to represent quality and luxury.

Font : We selected a font style which can be used to create a logo in both English and Thai. The font style reflects the brand’s keywords: luxury, grand, royal and elegant.

Colour: We picked a colour group representative of luxury and elegance. These include black, white, dark blue and gold.

Digital Marketing: Build brand awareness & engage with the target market to attract new customers on social media.

1. Research and analysis of brand, product and competitors, including a SWOT analysis of Thai market share and export opportunities.
2. Social media management and advertising to promote the campaign on Facebook
3. Making a digital marketing plan, content plan design graphics to serve to every social media platform.
4. Follow the business growth pattern and analyse social media trends to provide a real time solution to build brand awareness and drive sales.
5. Online event and live streaming operation.
6. Create the company profile as the video production which is high quality and can be used on every platform.

Creative and Design:

  • 1.Branding: Logo design and brand corporate identity guidelines.
  • 2.Product photography.
  • 3.Video presentation production.
  • 4.Graphic design: Content graphic design for single and album posts.
  • 5.Marketing strategy planning.
  • 6.Content planning.
  • 7.Showroom decoration and graphic design.
  • 8.Advertising: Operation of an official Live Stream to drive sales during the end of year campaign.
  • 9.Monthly report: Performance reports, results analysis and marketing plan.