LENGO – Sport Brand Project.

  • March 29 2022

LENGO - Sport Brand Project

About Project: Lengo is a distributor of brand name outdoor sports equipment imported from China.

Project Brief: The brand wants to portray to end users the outdoor sports spirit. The brand keywords are health, enthusiasm, passion, and adventure.

Concept & Design :
Logo Design:
The key concepts for the logo are exciting, unique, and energetic. It uses one colour, in all-caps, and the font itself is exciting and energetic. We wanted the ‘N’ letter of the logo to be larger than the other letters so that the logo stands out but also signifies forward movement. This is so the LENGO audience, by looking at the logo, can imagine themselves running or being active.

Colour: The highlight logo colour is blue which is the original colour we would like to keep as the brand’s DNA.