House of Sweet Food Project.

  • March 29 2022

House of Sweet Food : Kanomwan Banthongen Project

About Project: Kanomwan BanThongen is a local OTOP (One Tumbon (district), One Product)) project. This business was started from the love and passion of a grandmother who wanted to make delicious food and snacks for family, neighbours and friends. She received many favourable reviews leading to many requests from friends and family. The result was a successful business which has been established for over 20 years.

Project Brief: Our client, the grandmother’s daughter, wanted to rebrand and make a new identity which would set the brand apart from the competition and present a memorable impression. In this way, she hoped to increase the company's value, achieve sales targets and increase sales.

Marketing: Foster brand awareness to the target market in order to form new relationships and make a greater number of online sales.

1. Research and analysis of brand, product and competitors, including a SWOT analysis of Thai market share and export opportunities.
2. Set up geo targeted ads on communications channels such as Facebook, Line@ and Instagram
3. Social media management and content planning following current trends.
4. Set up and operate an e-commerce platform with lazada, a popular online shopping platform.
5. Campaign management and advertising operations to achieve sales targets.

Concept & Design:
Logo Design: The concept is a minimalistic design. We chose a clean aesthetic that is simple, clean and friendly. We created a graphic of a grandmother character to be the focal point of the logo & removed fancy embellishments to make it more memorable. We chose to use grandmother’s identity (cheerful, cute and kind) in a cartoon format

Font: We selected a bold style and cute character. Inside the bold font we create the leaf pattern to represent the products which are mostly made from local fruits and vegetables.

Logo Colour: We selected an earthy colour tone, a shade of green, to represent new beginnings and growth. It also signifies abundance & renewal.

Packaging Design: The concept is to make a friendly and clear presentation of the purity, freshness and quality of the product. We designed a two sided package, each being unique:
-Front side: Transparent and clear, so the customer can see the product inside, which is fresh, and high quality.
-Back side: Opaque material. We added details about the product, a story about the brand and how to store the product.

  • 1.Branding: Logo design.
  • 2.Product: Photography.
  • 3.Packaging design.
  • 4.Marketing: Marketing plan and strategy.
  • 5.Marketing tools: Promote to online channels including: Facebook, Instagram, Line@.
  • 6.Social media management: Content planning, graphic design (single post & albumpost), Instagram and Line@ official.
  • 7.Advertising on Facebook and instagram.
  • 8.Create campaigns and promotion periods on e-commerce channels such as Lazada, Facebook shop, and Line Shop.
  • 9.Set up, decoration and operation shop online - Lazada.
  • 10.Monthly report: performance details, analysis result and marketing planning for the next move