Tung Baoluang Project.

  • March 24 2022

Project: Tung Baoluang

About Project: Tung Baoluang is a manufacturer and distributor of agricultural products. They specialise in organic Thai jasmine rice, which has a fresh aroma and unique tenderness. The purpose of the business is to deliver an excellent product through wisdom inherited from generation to generation.

Project Brief: Our client historically sold their product via offline channels. We plan a marketing and project strategy starting from re-branding, building a new brand image, building brand awareness and establishing communication with customers through multiple media channels.

Concept & Design: We created a logo to be the graphical representation of the company, which is unique & communicates the right message to the target market.

Logo Design: We start by analysing the brand's name and purpose. The brand’s name is Tung Baoluang. This brand name denotes royalty, as Tung is a field and Baoluang is the sacred lotus; an aquatic plant considered to be queen of the water's surface. The plant symbolises purity and resurrection. We wanted to create a logo that is unique and easy to remember, so a careful font selection was necessary.
Font: The logo font style is very important so we select thoughtfully. We selected a Thai font style with elegant and royal shapes with an appearance similar to jasmine rice.
Logo Colour: We chose gold as it is the ideal colour to represent a premium brand and product.

Packaging Design
Concept: The design needs to be able to explain brand story and brand value to the customer. We emphasise the words ``Pure Jasmine Rice 100%`` which are keywords to drive sales. With regard to the back of the packaging, we provide a history of the brand and product details to communicate clearly the brand's value.
Packaging Colour: The main colours are gold and dark blue. We chose gold as it symbolises luxury and quality. It also represents the rich golden colour of rice. We use blue to symbolise water & abundance.

Marketing: Build brand awareness, spread awareness of the brand to the target market and engage them to form new relationships.
1. Research and analysis of brand, product and competitors, including a SWOT analysis of Thai market share and export opportunities.
2. Set up the communications channels such as Facebook, Line@ and Instagram with where the customers are, the brand will appear.
3. Making a digital marketing plan, content plan design graphics to serve to every social media platform.
4. Follow the business growth pattern and social media analysis to provide a real time solution to build brand awareness and drive sales.

  • Branding: Logo design.
  • Product: Photography.
  • Packaging design.
  • Marketing: Marketing plan and strategy over 3 months.
  • Marketing tools: Promote to online channels including: Facebook, Instagram, Line@.
  • Social media management: Content planning, graphic design (single post & albumpost), Instagram and Line@ official.
  • Advertising on Facebook and instagram.
  • Monthly report: performance details, analysis result and marketing planning for the next move.