Trio Decor Project.

Trio Decor Project

About Project: Trio (Trio Decor) produces Luxury Furniture and a diverse range of home decorations for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and kitchens. It is a successful business which has been established for over 25 years. Trio has two brands in their portfolio. These are Pick Vintage, a royal luxury furniture style and Thongbai Studio, a modern luxury furniture style.

Project Brief: The company has been established for over 25 years. However, they decided to re-brand to target consumers online, connect with a wider audience, set the company apart from its competitors, stay current, reflect new goals, upscale, emphasise brand value and sell internationally.

Concept & Design:
Logo Design: The logo design concept is Living & Decor so we selected the Word-marks font face to best portray the brand's image. We created an icon as a unique feature of the logo which includes the shape of a sofa, representing the living room and a table lamp which represents decoration.
Font design: We selected a font with a handwriting style to be the focus of the logo to give an impression of friendliness, invitation, warmth and kindness which relates to the key words home & living. The chosen font is universal, modern and classic. Moreover, it can be used in both the Thai and English language, is easy to read and suitable for use in websites, articles and providing information about the products as well.

Logo Colour: The colour theme we use is warm and inviting, in order to express a feeling of happiness, satisfaction, and well-being at home. The colours are green, orange, light grey and black.

Digital Marketing: Develop awareness of the brand in the target market and engage with them to attract new customers.

1. Research and analysis of brand, product and competitors, including a SWOT analysis of Thai market share and export opportunities.
2. Planning/strategy, set up KPI, follow trends and make real-time solutions.
3. Set up an online shop and design a website. The website has everything from animations and branding to illustration and a mobile responsive design.
4. Provide an e-commerce website,
Reach - Provision interest-based ads
Convert: Ways to convert potential customers into customers are..
Web design - Create an outstanding website to persuade prospective customers to contact and acquire products. The website presents the brand’s story, value and product details through UX and UI design.
Set up an e-commerce system to enable the customer to buy products they like through the website.
Set up a multi-channel communication system for ease of communication with prospective customers and add them to leads.
Retain - Stay in touch with current customers and create customer loyalty with
CRM - Customer Relationship Management
Insights - Analyst data collected from ad campaigns and keywords to provide insight into customers and help identify suitable strategies to improve customer retention.
5. Create website content, blog, and details page for each product.
6. Product category upload and management.
7. Provide a Call to Action widget which links to social media channels
8. Google ads operation during campaigns.
9. Monthly reporting including traffic, ads campaign and keyword data to provide insight into customers and help identify suitable strategies to improve customer retention.
10. Provide a marketing solution that acts on data in real time.

  • 1.Branding: Logo design
  • 2.Video presentation production.
  • 3.Product photography.
  • 4.Graphic design: Product cover photo & editing.
  • 5.Marketing strategy over 3 months.
  • 6.Marketing tools: Shop decoration, flagship, and skytube.
  • 7.Campaign Ads operation.
  • 8.Interest based advertising.
  • 9.Monthly report: Performance reports, results analysis and marketing planning.